Fully automatic hydraulic brick making machine

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  • Fully automatic hydraulic brick making machine
■ Specifications

 Product features:

1. The host of automatic hydraulic brick machine adopts the pressure in stages, scientific distribution of preloading, molding pressure, three stages of pressure and time, the equipment energy efficiency even more significant.

2. Forming high pressure, compactness and strength of the reliable guarantee for tile.

3. The high degree of automation, short production cycle, high production efficiency.

4. Automatic hydraulic brick machine changed mould easily can produce standard bricks, hollow brick, solid brick, small block, paving brick and other different specifications of the products.

5. The finished product is with smooth surface, good quality, high strength and high yield.

Advantages of hydraulic brick making machine

1. The finished sand lime brick is high strength(>25 Mpa), smooth surface, heat resistant, sound insulation, fireproof and is used for load bearing wall and paving the way in the port.

2. In addition, the raw materials of sand lime bricks are abundant. Especially, the cost of raw materials is very low, the price of brick is higher. So this project can realize Profit Maximization.

3. It is the perfect wall body material to replace the traditional solid clay brick.

4. Automatic hydraulic brick machine is suitable for the market in the Middle East and north Africa.

■ Technical Data

Main parameter of automatic hydraulic brick machine

Producing efficiency

(Standard bricks)

Annual output

(Ten thousand standard bricks)

JYM-1500 54 pieces per molding 8500
JYM-1280 38 pieces per molding 7000
JYM-1100 34 pieces per molding 6000

Capacity of JYM-1280 automatic hydraulic brick machine
Item Overall size (mm) Quantity (block/h)
Standard brick 240×115×53 9000
Blind hollow brick 240×115×90 5000
Hollow brick 390×190×190 2500

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