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Construction waste autoclaved brick production line

Construction waste autoclaved brick production line
Bona introduction of German technology, digestion and absorption technology in the production of high strength autoclaved industrial waste residue brick unit, and the domestic mature autoclaved bricks made of industrial waste production technology and other auxiliary equipment for production.

The production line has the following advantages:
(1) the construction waste, the batch of fine aggregate and other by their electronic batching scale automatic batching, after entering the vertical planetary mixer mixing water mixed.The mode of production ingredients accurately, stirring the mixture evenly, is suitable for construction waste autoclaved brick continuous production process requirement.
(2) material using intermittent bin type digestion can save power consumption, easy to guarantee digestion time, and have been successful warehouse operation experience, can prevent the phenomenon and storehouse.
(3) after digestion of the mixture again by wheel mill rolling processing (mainly the activation, mixing, fine grinding, plasticizing and compaction), increase the mixture compactness, performance improvement, thus to improve the quality of products.
(4) use high strength autoclaved industrial waste residue brick unit, a high degree of automation, good product quality, large production capacity, low labor intensity, the structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, and can produce other specifications of the silicate products along with the market need.
(5) high pressure steam curing can greatly shorten the maintenance period, improve the efficiency of production, ensure product quality.

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