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the factors affect the production of cement block machine


 Sometimes our cement brick machine customers reflect that equipment daily production can achieve theory the beginning, but the production is less and less after a long time. Actually there are many factors that can affect cement brick machine production, if not handled properly, can easily lead to the decline output. The most influencing factor is the liquidity of cement slurry.  Following are the factors: 

1. temperature, time, admixture
the higher temperature and longer time, the smaller liquidity of cement slurry. If you add admixture, liquidity of cement slurry is bigger.
2. sand ratio
if sand ratio is too large, the sand ratio is stem thick, the liquidity is smaller. otherwise sand ratio is too smaller.
3. quantity of cement slurry
more quantity, the liquidity is bigger, if less quantity, collapse.
4. consistence of cement slurry
consistency of cement slurry is determined by the water cement ratio.Small water cement ratio, cement slurry thickening, liquidity is small, good adhesiveness and water retention. If too small, guaranteeing construction compact. Is too big, fall in strength and durability.
5. types of cement and aggregate properties
Cement fine, good liquidity.

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