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The basic knowledge of brick block


 Also known as Burning-free brick block brick, block making machine, the device is generally used slag, slag, fly ash, stone, sand, gravel, cement and other raw materials, high-pressure pressing of the brick by brick block or brick machinery.

Because the cement block to protect our precious land resources, but also to achieve re-use of resources, such as we all think is garbage slag, slag, construction waste, etc., through the brick-making machine equipment can be converted into unburned brick, which recycling of resources to achieve, which is why the state has adopted policy, to support the development of concrete brick market reasons. In addition, concern is also a lot of friends, is how the quality of cement bricks? Its strength can be standard it? Here I can give you a completely positive response, the quality of cement brick red brick not only inferior to the original, far more than on the strength of the intensity of red brick.
This equipment is everyone talking about burning-free brick, that is produced by the brick or hollow concrete blocks, no sintering, through a short period of drying can be shipped. It can be said less investment and quick, a lot of investors is a hot industry

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