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How to maintainance brick making machine


 Autoclaved fly ash brick is fly ash or other slag or lime sand as raw material, adding lime, gypsum and aggregate, forming the billet preparation, repression, made ??of highly efficient steam curing and other processes. Steam-cured brick complete sets of equipment: mixer, digestive warehouse, steaming brick press, wheel grinding machine, autoclave reactor and other major equipment, and box-type feeder, screw conveyor, climb the Big Dipper, aggregate, said belt conveyor , conservation of the car, shuttle bus and other auxiliary equipment.

There are some advice about how to maintainance brick making machine can be used  longer
 1 pressure head pulleys, sprockets oiling a class
 2 vertical shaft oiling oil cups should be about class two, ensure lubrication of sleeve
 3 linked to filling a hole in each class
 4 head work should be cleaned, residual raw material on the mold box.

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