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JYM Fullly Automatic brick making machine


JYM series automatic hydraulic brick machine is our in digesting and absorbing foreign advanced hydraulic brick making technology, on the basis of independent research and development of a new type energy saving high efficient automatic brick making equipment, equipment using the upward pressure on the structure, can be "multi-use" effectively realize the fly ash and other solid waste produce standard bricks, porous brick, hollow brick, small block, different specifications of the products such as pavement brick, brick, brick greatly improves the product quality and production efficiency, promote the product upgrade and new building materials industry technology progress in China. Product performance to achieve leading domestic, international advanced level.Our press type automatic hydraulic brick machine existing JYM-500 , JYM-1280, JYM-1500, pressing products the annual output can be achieved respectively 3000, 6000, 90 million (standard brick), and under pressure as the foundation, developed can realize two-way pressurized JYM-1280 and JYM-2500 two-way automatic hydraulic brick machine.


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