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QT8-15 Fully Automatic Block Making Machine


Reasonable design, compact over-all structure, sturdy and durable. The machine adopts strong steel and special welding technology manufacturing, widely adopts the imported original connector to make the machine more stable and reliable.

Special waterproof steel to guarantee use long time, effectively reduce the cost of mold. Particular compulsory whirly cloth equipment has novel structure, attractive appearance, cloth evenly, fast speed, low noise.

Efficient, super excitation system design, using the computer control inverter, to achieve a variety of vibration frequency and amplitude, greatly improve construction of products and production efficiency.

Overall process is in control of PLC, simplicity of operation, clearly understand. Adopting PLC and human-computer interface control system; the realization random signal analysis and fault diagnosis; by setting various parameters required; All these realize the machine itself the best effect of working.

High efficiency hydraulic pressure shock, suppress system, to guarantee our products high strength, high quality. Easily realize big production, automatic production, saves the massive human, maintenance yard

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