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Semi automatic concrete solid hollow brick block making machine


Semi automatic concrete block making machine is not only capable of making concrete blocks but also suitable for the production of blocks made of fly ash, slag, slag and other materials.This cement block machine can make produce a variety of wall block, scale brick, hollow brick, porous brick,simply by changing the mould. By improving the traditional static bricks making machine,using latest vibration technology and broken arch device,material feeding and mould vibration are controlled separately,the most uniform feeding and shaping optimization are achieved.Concrete solid hollow block making machine adopts mould and table vibration to make the concrete fully liquefied and exhaust in 2~3 seconds, this ensures that the products of high density.So this cement block machine is especially suitable for producing high strength standard brick,the products can be stacked immediately after being formed,lots of money will be saved because you don't need to buy that many pallets any more.As our most welcomed manual concrete block making machine line,Semi beick making machine has lots of improvement compared to the old static bricks making machine,reliable hydraulic and electricity system, integrated automatic control, easy for the worker to master the operation and maintenance technique.

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