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■ Specifications

Autoclaved kettle is a large-scale pressure vessel which steams the aerated concrete,lime-sand brick, fly ash brick.Hydrothermal reaction of Cao-sio2-H20 is made in the kettle.Meanwhile, it is widely used for other project which contains pressing autoclaved process such as high-strength gypsum, thermal insulation material,rubber products,concrete pile and woods,medicine,chemical industry ect.We can also design and produce types of pressure kettle to serve client’s requirements for multi-purpose.

■ Technical Data

Autoclaved kettle is a steel drum device which is made by whole piece 16MnR steel plate.Kettle cover and kettle body flange is completely casted by 16Mn steel plate.The welding joint of all the pressure parts is on heat treatment and strict NDT.Kettle door of movable open structure can be opened and closed by manual reducer, and power driving,pneumatic driving,hydraulic driving is available too.Equipped with perfect interlock protection device, it can uttermostly prevent the damage to the machine from mistaken operation, which ensures autoclaved kettle to be on stable running and operators to be on safety operation.Two open types, side open and top open, are on request.Kettle door with side open structure is with smooth rotation,low operating position,and easy open.For the kettle door of top open type with lever open structure, its lever’s bottom end is connected to kettle door, top end is equipped with counter weight device, this design makes kettle door easy open and save the space of kettle side.Kettle door is sealed by imported rubber sealing ring made by professional manufacture, easy installation,pretty sealing performance,and long service-life.Fixed holder, movable holder and special holder are installed in different position of kettle holder.This structure adapts the change of contraction and expansion when temperature change, ensures autoclaved kettle to run stably, and prolongs its service-life.Safety valve, pressure meter,temperature measurement components,exhaust valve,sealing valve,and drain valve are installed in autoclaved kettle, meanwhile, scrubbing tank is on choice.Except for steam pipe and guide rail installed in autoclaved kettle,we specially installed sealing steam cover and drain cover in the kettle.Our autoclaved kettle is with heavy design,prudent process. We strictly follow the regulation of national pressure vessel.
Autoclaved silicate building products process: Crushed lime is mixed with sand and fly ash(sio2/al2o3 is more than 65%),the mixture is on process of wheel grinding after digestion, then it is produced into different sizes of adobes by pressing brick machine.The adobes are transferred to autoclaved kettle and steamed for 8-10 hours,then they are made into 150# lime sand brick or coal ash brick.  

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■ Application


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