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Using range of aerated concrete block equipment products


 Aerated concrete block making machine products is a kind of light, porous, thermal insulation, good ire prevention performance, nailed, sawable, plane, and a certain seismic capacity of the new building materials. It is a good new building materials and has the advantages of environmental protection.

1. Aerated concrete block making equipment products applicable to all types of building internal and external filler wall and ground above the ground below the filler wall.With the exception of special requirements of the wall.
2.Aerated concrete block should not be laying on the floor, the ground directly. For toilet bath, patio, outside the balcony, and set in the metope between air conditioner retainer plate parts contact with masonry wall root by dry-wet alternate function, often appropriate width of casting wall thickness, height is not less than 0.2 m of C20 plain concrete wall mat;For other wall, appropriate uses autoclaved lime-sand brick masonry in its root height not less than 0.2 m wall mat.
3.Brick making machine products shall not be used in the following parts:
Long-term immersion or often dry-wet alternate parts.
The chemical erosion environment. Such as strong acid, strong alkali or high concentrations of carbon dioxide and high temperature environment.

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