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The characteristics of the cement block machines


Cement block machines have the advantages of compact structure, large crushing force, strong rigidity, dust seal, the cycle of the lubrication, simple manipulation, high output, durable.

1, Super steel structure design, cement block machine widely used in the original entrance, making the body more stable and reliable.

2, Cement block machines adopt intelligent control system and man-machine realm words, easily implement random signal analysis, fault diagnosis, and various parameters, to ensure the best working effect of the machine.

3, Cement block machine, efficient and strong vibration of the system design, using computer control the flow of the hydraulic system pressure, implement vertical synchronous vibration, frequency conversion, brakes, synthetic output and double end, balanced efficiently will transmit the vibration excitation force to the various parts of the molding box, more progress product compactness and the service life of die box.

4, Block making machine material system uses half a block mesh rotating force cloth, fabric and fast on average, ensure consistency of product intensity.

5, Cement block machine is equipped with special hydraulic brick making machine. So can easily implement big production, automation production, save a lot of manpower and maintenance depot and activity capital investment.


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