JYM-1100 brick making machine

  • Model: JYM-1100X
  • Producing efficiency: 32 pieces per molding
  • Annual output: 5000

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  • JYM-1100 brick making machine
■ Specifications

The characteristics of forming process
1.This machine increases pressure in stages. It can allocate time and pressure scientifically in all three segments of the operation: prepressing, molding pressure and pressure maintaining.
2.It has even big molding pressure that can ensure the density and intensity of adobes.
3.This machine has high level automation, short production cycle and high production efficiency.
4.It is convenient to change the mold. And it can produce hollow brick, solid brick, small block, paving brick and other heterotypic bricks.

Key technology and innovation of the main engine
1.The press is featured by the frame of locked prestress pull rod with three beams and four pillars, which guarantees the stability of the frame.
2.Hydraulic system adopt imported components such as proportional valve, hydraulic control variable displacement pump ect,so that the pressure and flow of whole system can be adjusted according to actual working condition,which maintains strong adaption ,shock-free, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and less heating.
3.Hydraulic pump adopt submersible design, highly integrated valve block,compact structure, less external oil channel, and very simple arrangement of the whole system, this design decreases the possibility of oil leakage and condition noise hugely.
4.The electric control system adopt siemens S7 logic digit controller, it easily fulfills close-cycle control of the whole process.
A.Timely online inspection, it is available to adjust the related parameters according to the molding size, the density and intensity of adobes on time.
B.Automatic and intelligent adjustment of the feeding depth.
5.Equipped with linear position sensor in the supression oil cylinder, the machine can accurately control the size of end products through PLC,the precision is touching the level of 0.01mm.
6.Replacing moulds is very simple and smart,the process can be finished less than 1 hour.
7.Complexed material feeding form with compulsory mixing added reciprocation swing makes materials feeding even, and obviously improves the quality of end products.
8.This type of machine can also be applied in fire-resistance industry, and completely achieve overall size and pressing strength strictly required by fire-resistance materials.

■ Technical Data

The main parameter of JYM-1100


Model Producing efficiency(Standard bricks) Annual output(Ten thousand standard bricks )
JYM-1280X 38 pieces per molding 7000
JYM-1100 34 pieces per molding 6000
JYM-1000 32pieces per molding 5000
JYM-800 22 pieces per molding 3500
JYM-300 12 pieces per molding 2000
■ Video
■ Application

Patent and awards:
Automatic hydraulic molding machine with twice materials feeding instruments.
Automatic hydraulic molding machine with complicated materials feeding instruments.
Automatic hydraulic molding machine with pneumatic clamp return instruments.
Henan province technology and science progress third prize: JBDC-4.6 high-performance shuttle buses.

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