QT4-20 small size concrete block making machine

  • Type: QT4-20
  • Dimensions: 4500x3000x 2500mm
  • Cycle Time: 25-35 seconds
  • Vibrating Force: 50 KN
  • Motors Power: 41.5 KW
  • Pallet Size: 880x540mm

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■ Specifications

Building materials industry advocate environmental protection, eco brick making machine becomes the focus

Today, the eco brick making machine factory growing, but there are some shortcomings, is between individual enterprises to follow each other without their own independent features.
To this end, we took the lead in the introduction of new technologies, conducted trial innovation has finally developed a new environmentally friendly eco brick making machine, this brick making machine became a focus of investor attention quickly, within just one year are exported abroad more than 300 sets.
Deeply feel that only through constant innovation can develop.

■ Technical Data

QT4-20 Small size concrete brick making machine


Type Production Per Mould Production Per Shift Cycle Time Vibrating Force Pallet Size Dimensions
QT4-20 4pcs/mould 390x190x190mm 4,000 pcs 390x190x190mm 25-35 seconds 50 KN 880x540mm 4,500x3,000x 2,500mm
12pcs/mould 240x115x90mm 12,000 pcs 240x115x90mm 25-35 seconds 50KN 880x540mm 4,500x3,000x 2,500mm
■ Video
■ Application

Sand brick making machine material particle compaction process is essentially rearrange, constantly tends compacting process.

Hydroform bricks machine that the material in the pressure and pieces over the course of movement, well-matched particles tend to gradually move closer to the dense; the other hand, the size of each particle mosaic of small pieces pulled into the pores between the particles NPC, the overall porosity of the material volume reduction, increased density; addition, cis irregularly-shaped particle itself, vibration and pressure effects in the role, along grain bite each other, on the one hand improve the density, on the other hand to improve the strength of the compacted material.

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