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■ Specifications

Brief introduction of planetary wheel mill
Planetary wheel mill is named as the principle of sun,earth, and moon’s revolution and rotation.It works like this, electric motor drive planetary box on the vertical shaft,and then drive two groups of mixing spade installed under the two ends of planetary box, the two groups of mixing spade make clockwise revolution around the vertical shaft at a certain speed while making counterclockwise rotation around their own axle core with a certain speed.Two wheel-rollers grind the reversed materials with clockwise.This working way covers the functions crushing,rubbing and mixing.The performance is featured by speedy, even,no dead corner,and low energy consumption. Few similar machines can follow the new type wheel grinding and mixing equipment with so many advantages.
Application of planetary grinding wheel mixer
DHL1600 planetary grinding wheel mixer is suitable for mixing bulk powder materials such as refractory clay,clay, fly ash, ore sand,slag ect.It is widely used for baking-free brick,autoclaved brick,fire-resistant materials,ceramic,building materials industry and so on.
The main parts of grinding wheel machine.
1.main parts of equipment
Planetary grinding wheel consists of frame, gear box,grinding plate,grinding wheel,planetary mixing spade,and watering device.
2.brief introduction for each part

Frame is made by steel channel and is welded into a whole,grinding plate is set in the central of the frame, the protection cover is installed in the two ends of the frame, motor which is installed in one side of the frame drives gear box and vertical axle through triangle belt.
B.Grinding base
Grinding base consists of top, bottom, and cap. Three lining boards are equipped at the barrel bottom.There is a fan discharge mouth at the bottom.There is a peek window for observing equipment’s operation at the barrel top. Feeding mouth is at the barrel top and there is a watering inlet above barrel cap.
C.Drive system
Reducer is cast iron structure, and consists of two pairs of helical gear.It is hung at the central of frame, and drive vertical axle to rotate after reducing.Planetary gear box is installed at the top end of vertical axle.The central gear on the vertical axle drive two planetary gear to rotate through two interface gears.A group of planetary mixing spade is equipped at each end of two planetary gear shafts, planetary side scraper is equipped at the both sides of planetary gear box, they make clockwise revolution around vertical axle at certain speed, meanwhile, three insertion boards of planetary mixing spade rotate around their own axle core at a certain speed.
D.Planetary mixing spade and Side scraper
Planetary mixing spade is the key mixing part.There are two groups.3 pieces of spade scrapers is evenly installed on shovel plate, they are connected to shovel plate by three scraper bars.Planetary mixing spade uses rotating shovel pieces to turn over,rub and mix materials.There are cross and down trenches on the shovel pieces and scraper bars, which maintains easy installation, commissioning,maintenance and replacement.In case that hard objects or iron parts damage machine, the protection spring is installed on the side scraper bar, it can contract automatically and lift shovel piece with a certain angle to elimate resistance and protect parts from damage when mixing resistance is too large and exceeds limitation.

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