• Ball mill

    Ball mill is used for milling different mineral and other materials, and is broadly used for mineral separation, building materials and chemical industry ect.

  • Autoclave

    Autoclaved kettle is a steel drum device which is made by whole piece 16MnR steel plate.Kettle cover and kettle body flange is completely casted by 16Mn steel plate.

  • Batching bin

    JXJ series batching bin the discharge of which is adjustable and continuous is with firm structure, easy installation, reliable performance.

  • Belt conveyor

    Belt conveyor is a kind of machine which continuously conveys materials by frication driving.It can convey the materials from supplying point to discharging point in line.

  • Bucket type hoisting machine

    It is used for lifting materials from low to high.The material is supplied to bucket by vibrating platform, and then the machine continuously lift materials up.

  • Car ferry

    JBDC good performance car ferry is suitable for large-scale automatic fly-ash autoclaved brick production line, which is a new type equipment with high automation level and reliable performance.

  • Compulsory mixer

    Compulsory mixer is improved product in the base of absorbing good experiences and offsetting own weakness.

  • Electric batching machine

    Electric batching machine is a new type of machine which is suitable for the projects such as construction site, road, and bridge.

  • Furnace

    The chemical energy, electric energy and heat energy of steam gas are imported to the furnace, then they are converted into energy steam, heating water or heat transfer fluid and explored.

  • Planetary wheel mill

    Planetary wheel mill is named as the principle of sun,earth, and moon’s revolution and rotation.

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