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Commissioning of various accessories of concrete mixing plant



After the installation of various accessories of the concrete mixing plant, in order to ensure normal operation, it is necessary to carry out setting and commissioning. After the setting is completed and the commissioning is normal, the work can be carried out. Then how to set and commission various accessories of the concrete mixing plant? Bona will give you a detailed introduction below.
1. Calibration of each measuring electronic scale
Before weighing, remove the fixing bolts between each weighing bucket and frame to make the sensor in a free stress state. Then set the parameters of each metering electronic scale according to the operation manual of batching controller. Then calibrate each scale according to the measuring range. After calibration, heavy load test shall be conducted to check whether the weighing and metering are accurate.
2. Air transfer
Turn on the main power supply and close the main switch, turn the power supply to the on position with the key, start the computer, and observe whether the instrument and computer display are correct.
Check all parts of the mixing plant to ensure that everything is normal before operation. Press the start button to start the mixer. At the same time, start the air compressor to make the system air pressure reach 0.7MPa.
3. Unloading time setting
Press the "standby a" + "standby B" + "host door closing" button at the same time to clear the previously set time.
Press the "standby a" + "standby B" + "host door opening" button at the same time, and the time of pressing the button is the unloading time.
After installation, commissioning and testing must be carried out according to the above methods, so that we can not only have a good understanding of the structure of various accessories of the concrete mixing plant, but also avoid faults and problems, but also troubleshoot and solve them in time.

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