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brick packing machine


This is a utility model of a no pallet packaging production line for autoclaved bricks, including automatic brick stacking machine, turntable car and automatic packaging machine. The initial brick stack is transported to the input end of the automatic brick stacking machine. There is a gap between the blocks, and the uppermost layer of the initial brick pile is reserved for forklift holes; the automatic brick stacking machine completes the gap between the two directions of the bricks in the initial brick pile, and then the automatic brick stacking machine clamps several layers of bricks on the brick pile and put them on the turntable, and finally stack the remaining brick stacks on top of several layers of bricks on the turntable to form a stable size brick stack forklift hole in the brick stack; The brick stacks are automatically transported from automatic stacking machines to automatic balers by using the turntable; the automatic packing machine automatically completes the packaging of the brick stacks on the turntable.

This kind of brick packing machine can reliably reserve forklift holes in the packed brick stacks, and the packaging production line composes equipment to operate efficiently, and the production line layout is flexible and compact, which can greatly improve production efficiency.

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