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Comparative analysis of manual hydraulic brick machine and automatic hydraulic brick machine


 Hydraulic brick press is a device that presses raw materials into a specified shape through hydraulic transmission. It is divided into manual and full-automatic. Full automatic means that there is no need for manual operation. Pressing the start button can automatically complete the actions of feeding, cloth distribution, press molding, demoulding, pushing blocks, etc; The manual hydraulic brick machine needs manual assistance to complete the above actions. The efficiency should be slow, and the products produced are not too standard. You can choose according to your own situation.

The hydraulic brick machine is composed of main machine, mold, pump station, computer control cabinet, pipeline, etc. the manual hydraulic brick machine has no computer control cabinet, and the equipment action is completed by manually operating the manual valve. Compared with the automatic hydraulic brick machine, their advantages and disadvantages are as follows:
1. The automatic equipment can quickly complete the pressing and forming of products without manual assistance, with high efficiency;
2. The overall dimensions of the products are relatively standard, the molding height and pressure are set in advance, and the products are standard and neat;
3, even if there is no professional training staff can also use the equipment, because the automatic equipment is programmed ahead of schedule, just need to press the start button can be produced; Manual equipment must be trained first. After training, the proficiency of employees directly affects the output of equipment and the appearance quality of products;
4. The fully automatic equipment is more safe and reliable, and there is no occurrence of manual accidents. The equipment is fully automatic production, and manual personnel do not need to contact the equipment at close distance; Manual equipment requires workers to operate according to the actual situation, which is prone to injury events. For example, friction presses often hurt people;
5. The cost of full-automatic hydraulic briquetting machine is higher. It includes electrical control system and hydraulic pump station; The price of manual equipment is lower, which is suitable for waste recycling, steel mills and other places. The appearance requirements of products are not strict, as long as they are formed.
Customers who buy hydraulic brick machines mostly consider the product price. Although the price is tens of thousands of Yuan wrong, from a long-term perspective, it is more convenient to be automatic and less investment in the later stage. If you are producing products sold on the market and have strict requirements on appearance and size, you should choose a full-automatic briquetting machine, such as; Bait block, salt licking block, standard brick, etc; If the equipment you buy is only for molding, you can meet the requirements by selecting manual equipment, such as scrap iron, scrap aluminum molding and recycling scrap purchase station, steel plant, foundry and other places.

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