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JYM 1280 bake-free brick machine is a surprising innovation


After around two years of research and development, Bona successfully produced the JYM 1280 bake-free brick machine. JYM series bake-free brick machine is a surprising innovation in the line of free-baking brick machine at home and abroad. The new type bake-free brick machine is changing the history that former brick machine caused heavy pollution. Moreover, it consumes waste materials and make them into bricks.So it is possible that investor can make fruitful profit with little investment.

Here is JYM1280 bake-free brick machine advantages.
1.First and foremost, JYM1280 series brick making machine is an eco-friendly brick making machine.
2.This machine increases pressure in stages automatically. It can automatically allocate time and pressure scientifically in all three segments of the operation: pressing, molding pressure and pressure maintaining.
3.This machine has the advantages such as high level automation, short production cycle and high production efficiency and environmental production.
4.It is easy to operate and move as well as make hollow brick just as normal JYM1280 bake-free brick machine does.

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