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Autoclaved brick molding machine production line


Autoclaved brick molding machine production line can be fully and semi-automatic, which is suitable for the big and medium sized plant investment.
Semi-automatic autoclaved brick molding machine line with caber and curing system, which is in high technology, simple deploy, and smoothly work procedures. It insures the automatic production from material feeding to the block stacking.
Product features:
1)PLC intelligence control, adopt data transmission device, control system equipped with logic control and malfunction diagnosis system and remote control function.
2)Skip equipped with multi dashed which start operation while it is above die grid so that it can resolve problem of material distribution perforated bricks production.
3)Equipped with plus material feed device, second material distribution make various color face production possible.
4)Multifunction, die replaceable for manufacturing of various types of hollow block, perforated bricks, road surface brick and sod brick and brick for slop protection.
5)Imported computer, electric equipment, sealing elements, hydraulic components, ensure reliable performance.
6)Swift forming speed, forming period 15-20 seconds, each period can produce 3 standard building bricks(390x190x190mm),10 perforated bricks(240x115x90mm),20 standard bricks(240x115x50mm),12 Holland brick(200x100x60mm).
Fully automatic autoclaved brick molding machine line includes finger car and steam curing system. It is in highly automatic and the fully automatic of the procedures. The material feeding, mixing, conveying, curing and stacking can be realized.

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