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Teaching you nine skills to use autoclaved concrete block machine


 BONA enterprise Co., LTD., committed toaerated autoclaved concrete block machine and baking-free block machine researching, has always been leading China's baking-free brick machine and aerated autoclaved concrete block machine of development, the company motto of "keep improving, quality outstanding" the goal, try to meet customer demand, won unanimous favorable comment of customer, product reputation at home and abroad. In order to give our new and old customers better service, BONA engineers summarize the using brick machine nine skills to help you do qualified production safely.

1.In the process of production, and the oil pump motor running sweaty can lead to motor burned down, the reason is the total pressure of valve equipment is too much. It is a must to timely adjust and check the autoclaved concrete block machine working condition.
2, when the new vibration is insufficient, the brick forming cycle is long or a loose brick can appear ,beacuse the down mould pressure dowm too much, the pressure inhibit the vibrating, should turn down the pressure valve .
3, cause mould, balance arms and host block machine parts appear open welding or damage, because the pressure of the down mould turn too low, the pressure cannot lock the down mold, leading to a fully conscious of excessive vibration, which affects the whole equipment parts, should governing valve pressure builds up, to stabilize the vibrating force machine.
4, when a brick face loose, break off , or when the upper mould with down mould die move up, the reason is the pressure of the pressure head is too little: can't make brick position leading to loose.
5,if a cylinder leak oil, the reason is the cylinder of seal sealing the result is bad, should change in time the corresponding types of sealing parts.
6, concrete hollow brick machine operation shall read product manual carefully before production, each operating person should be comprehensive trained, until assessment qualified is good.

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