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Environmental Hollow cement brick making machine is the tendency


Clay brick have to quit from the world stage influenced by the protection of environment and resources, instead, baking-free cement brick is becoming more and more prevailing with its high strength, sound insulation, heat preservation advantages. Accordingly, cement brick making machine is widely used in building industry, nowadays house mostly use baking-free brick.

Automatic cement brick making machine feasibility analysis:
1.Adopting Germany Lasker technology whose most outstanding feature is environment protection confirming with the trend issue----environment protection.
2.Abundant material--- The choice of raw materials can be found widely.
3.More importantly, the cost of raw material is so cheap that your investment is very little to save you a lot of capital.
4.Last but not least, it is able to promote the rapid development of economy in China, so it is an advocating brick machine equipment.
5.High automation

The appearance of JYM-1280 will not only solve the environment pollution problem but also forming a system to turn waste to treasure, which is an beneficial action embodied two birds with one stone. There is no denying that, environmental and powerful hollow cement brick making machine will be the trend in which JYM-1280 is the leading one.

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