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Automated Concrete Block Machines


Originally,block making machines were set up at a job site, made enough concrete blocks to complete the job at hand, and were moved on to the next site.
This practice is still followed with small manual machines in underdeveloped countries. In developed countries, blocks are made in commercial block yards on automated machines and shipped to the job site. Modern block making machines cover a wide range of types and prices. But they all work on the same basic principles. Wet concrete is poured into block molds and is compressed by tamping. The fresh blocks are freed from the molds and exit the machine for hardening, which occurs via drying under controlled conditions. Then the blocks are cured for up to two weeks before being used.
The operator can configure the size and shape with adjustments to the machine or interchangeable attachments. Material feeds into the block making machine through a hopper and it uses pressure to compress it, forcing it into the mold or a series of molds.

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