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What is a brick molding machine?


"Brick molding machine " by definition is the production of bricks machinery and equipment, general use powder, fly ash, slag, slag, gravel, sand, and water as raw materials.
Brick molding machine efficiently use of fly ash, slag powder, desulfurization ash, slag, coal gangue, gypsum, tailings and other production of new wall materials, such as autoclaved fly ash bricks, autoclaved lime sand brick, aerated concrete products and so on. Also used in the production of high volume fly ash sintered bricks, coal gangue brick, stone brick, brick construction waste, waste incineration slag brick life, and all kinds of waste soil brick blocks, Gypsum plant utilization, etc. , brick molding machine is a large, automation, modernization or discarded brick production line of choice.
Production line host device through the replacement of mold can produce different specifications of brick and hollow block products.

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