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The importance raw materials of cement brick


Cement brick machine must choose good quality raw materials.
The high quality of cement, the proportion of cement bricks used to be less than cheap amount of cement, but the quality is still the national standard quality, do not use cheap cement so, large amount, some with bad quality of brick, not up to the national standard, which is equal to its own lift bricks at their feet, finally, do not go down, but also bear a lot of responsibility!
Cement brick machine is a kind of environmental protection type of brick making equipment, and its raw material is some construction waste, industrial waste slag, etc. But you have not thought about the waste residue and can not be used for application of raw cement brick, hollow brick. Masonry used to cover the house was used to live in, so we must ensure the quality of cement brick, then we have to recognize that the industrial waste can not be used again, not all of the industrial waste can be recycled, such as chemical plant is unable to be used only by the landfill. Waste a lot of chemical plant is toxic. Corrosion is serious, can be put gas and so on, so it can no longer be used. Some slag is also cannot be used only by the landfill. Some minerals it contains radioactive elements, this is strictly prohibited to be used to produce cement bricks, so the production of cement brick is conscientious work, not for the benefit of the blackened conscience so in this selection of cement brick raw material can not be blind.

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