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Ten advantages of automatic hydraulic brick making machine


1. Three-beam and four column model 
Automatic hydraulic brick making machine adopts three-beam and four column rod sleeve frame, which can guarantee structure firmly, tolerance highly and workbench up-down smoothly.
2. Electronic control system control cabinet
With full-sealing air condition constant-temperature system and SIEMENS S7-300 PLC electronic component, the security, stability and reliability of this automatic hydraulic brick making machine get a significant improvement.
3. Hydraulic system components is imported from abroad like proportional valve and electric control variable pump. Pressure and flow can be infinitely changed according to actual working situations. It works with strong adaptability, outstanding energy saving performance, low energy consumption, high efficiency.
4. Hydraulic pump station adopts compact layout and modular valve block. This compact structure makes system layout simple, increases hydraulic efficiency, highly reduces oil spill points with fewer outer oil-ways and greatly reduces the environmental noise.
5. Electric control operating system offer closed-loop control for the whole production process. Easily realize the instant online checking for brick molding dimension, pressure and density. Smartly adjust the corresponding parameters of pressure, packing depth and  pressing speed. Highly guarantee 100% yield. Pressing process need not manual adjustment and intervention.
6. Digital linear displacement sensor are installed in the suppression of oil cylinder, through the PLC in the process of suppression to precise control of product size, accuracy of 0.01 mm. Pressing oil cylinder has a digital linear displacement sensor. PLC control system accurately control mold dimension to 0.01mm during pressing process.
7. Automatic hydraulic brick making machine adopts compound feeding form, a patented technology of our company. Increase the stability of pressure to different materials and different moisture content. Solve the problems like uniform packing and low mold yield, large brick machine always counter. Highly guarantee higher yield and stable quality.
8. Pressing machine adopts lateral mold changing structure. It is easy and quick to change molds, no need to tear other auxiliary equipments like position belt conveyor. Mold changing work can be finished in 1 hour. With short time consumption and no need reposition, efficiency loss for customer get highly reduced.
9. Host adopts inverted pressing way, namely pressing force is up from the bottom. Ensure the pressure punch move up and down in the cavity on structure. Not only guarantee the security of the host running and avoid personal injury, but also realize upside down mold wear resistant lining board and make the mold service life double than that of the single direction mold of normal bricking making machine.
10. Feeding car handle realizes multifunctional. To different type brick, no need to change the handle. Avoid the unnecessary loss during the changing process to mold.

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