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What is the production process of the brick unit?


The production process of the brick unit:
The production process of thebrick unit is the motion of a complete cycle. The mixture is poured into feeding hopper through quantitative weighting blanking device. Thrust cylinder, which has inner digital displacement senor, push feeding hopper of the three-position workbench, namely feeding, pressing and setting, over the mold precisely. With the feeding hopper swing and the inner dual rotors high speed mixing, mold cavity is uniformly filled with materials. (Note: this kind of feeding mode has passed national patent certification.) Under system control, withdraw one of the three-position workbench to pressing position, main and vice oil pump press materials by mutli-stage pressing mode. After the former procedure, it is green brick holder’s work time. Press vice oil cylinder. The green brick is pressed out of mold cavity. Green brick holder hold the green brick and quickly put them on the belt conveyor. At the same time, feeding hopper is back to the workbench over the mold, begin to work again. Digital encoder control the belt conveyor and move green bricks to automatic setting machine. Setting machine holder pick up green bricks to steaming larry.
Then molding procedure of brick machine is finished, including feeding materials, pressing materials, pressing green bricks out of mold cavity and setting them.

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