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Fly ash brick machine production line process description


Fly ash brick machine production line includes the processing of raw materials preparation, according to certain proportion measuring ingredients, mixing, digestion, grinding wheel, pressure molding, stop setting static maintenance, autoclaved curing, finished product inspection and pile up several steps.
Fly ash brick machine production line process description:
1. raw material preparation
Power plant fly ash, calcium carbide sludge, lime, stone after crushing and fine grinding, then stored for later use.
2.  ingredients and mixing
Using the batching machine with scientific proportion mixing raw material, then using the mixer to mix them.
3. Dispelling warehouse digestion
Equipped with raw material mixture by belt conveyor to digest the storehouse, for continuous digestion storehouse, warehouse cone bucket with change flow cone, avoid sheds storehouse, is advantageous to the material in the process of discharging the overall flow, improve the effect of the digestion.
4. brick blank by belt conveyor to the container
After digestion of digestive storehouse material came out with a belt conveyor sent to the grinding wheel mixer and then to fully mixing, material after compaction, homogenization can increase the material plastic, thus improving the quality of the products. Trailing wheel grinding material discharged by belt conveyor sent to the box, ready to work.
5. press molding process
Raw material after processing, the material in the material box after the role of push and pull cylinder in the main tools box moving back and forth, improve the uniformity of material and the host high pressure molding, molding pallet directly by the manipulator to pipe after the car.
6. Steamed steaming kettle to raise stage
Pressfly ash brick on the pallet is directly to the steaming car, through the shuttle buses into marshalling tracks, marshalling the steaming car via hoist traction to autoclaved kettle. Under the high temperature steam curing of reaction caldron in the aeroconcrete, let the body of the material, to gain the strength to move, and various performance, form a stable product. Curing temperature, constant temperature, temperature and three stages. Shut down after the kettle, vacuum 0.5 h, send 2 h steam heating, constant temperature 8 h, cooling 1.5 h. Out of the tank after the car back forming stages waiting for recycling.
7. Out of the kettle to pile up
Meet the maintenance requirements after the bricks can be out of the kettle, is the finished product. Steaming car was pulling out of the kettle, the unloading code brick fixture pile up.

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