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The ultramodern annual output of 60 million pieces of autoclaved brick production line process!


JYM1280 Brick press production line is a fully automatic hydraulic brick unit, it’s a energy-saving and high-technology products on the basis of adopting and digesting domestically and internationally advanced pressing &forming technology.

JYM series automatic hydraulic brick-making machine unit comprises a hydraulic brick making machine, automatic stacking machine, belt conveyor, brick clamping machine, feeding device, weighting and quantitative. Hydraulic station provides power source, control source adopts Siemens S7 programmable logic controller, realized the online control of the host, stacking machine, car pushing machine and other equipment. It can be equipped with a variety of mold, easily achieve producing fly ash aerated blocks, lime-sand aerated blocks, hollow, small concrete blocks, road pavers and etc varied specifications. Through the PLC control, the machine unit is also convenient and stacking machine, digestion storehouse, car ferry, automated production lines, to adapt to the large-scale industry operation.

It can effectively realize the recovery of fly ash and other solid waste resource utilization, greatly improve the solid waste fly ash autoclaved products quality and productivity, promote new building materials fields products upgrading and technology progress. The host due to molding process, control principle and control method is advanced, and the optimized design of the multiple link structure, forming pressure, number, height and exhaust mode, can achieve a phased pressure suppression system, forming high pressure, pressing time is long, the green brick density and high strength, and high degree of automation high production efficiency, high product quality. All these advanved technology to make output of 60 million pieces become true! 

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