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Bona clay brick making machine


 In our country's water and soil resources abundant social growth period, a good use of the energy conservation, the environmental clay brick making machine protection is an obligation of every citizen, when every every brick construction happy homeland needs, how to reasonable use of good hollow brick machine raw material is high efficiency of the application of our resources, are each size brick field boss have a headache things, we don't just production machinery, we produce equipment hollow brick machine supplier to provide clients with real benefits, to seek profit for the customer happy is really makes sense.

At present, vacuum extrusion machine, double level extruder, vacuum brick extruding machine is red brick buildings and roof tile and new wall vacuum extruder materials products extrusion molding of important equipment. It produces brick, extrusion pressure big, high vacuum degree, porcelain body more close-grained, popular with customers of all ages.
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