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Bona hollow bricks equipment


 Hollow brick making machine equipment principles of building production, in advance of the brilliant idea in our market the authentication in the new technical field development, got the almighty transformation, unimpeded choose the correct development demand market, have very strong field reputation, the development history of the original value brilliant transformation, perfect technology in strong r&d market do improve, the pursuit of good perfect technology USES new skills, got the real brand development.

Dominated by China national development of mineral processing equipment, its science clay brick machine and technology level is not high, but because of its vacuum extruder low prices by Africa, South America, southeast Asia and other regions welcome. Because our country processing equipment industry really is very big development space, the mineral processing equipment in China in the face of large scale, automation development road though lags behind that of developed countries, but has not formed in China is a certain mode, and can completely with the development of the society in the form certain mode and adapt to the needs of social development and the developed countries of the brick machine have we have potential.
Bona company has been "energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and innovation" for the slogan, always take the market as the guidance, rely on scientific and technological innovation and management innovation to promote development, with years of industry experience, with the market demand prompt improvement vacuum brick machine technology, let users with a minimum of investment, obtain the greatest gains.

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