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How to choose the address of fly ash brick factory


People pay more and more attention of the energy conservation and environmental protection,so there are more and more people choose green brick industry and some new subsidy policy encouraged a lot of people invest in a factory.

Perhaps you first contact this industry and do not understand, hope the following introduction will help you know more about how to choose the address of fly ash brick factory.


1.You’d better try to choose the nearest address from the waste residue resources, it can greatly reduce the transportation cost of raw materials.
2.It is convenient for the water and electricity,so you can easily feed and product sales.
3.You’d better try to choose the address far away from residential areas, so that we can reduce noise pollution and avoid unnecessary disputes.
4.If there is a old factory building, or the local production of sintered brick factory, you can rent directly, so that we can reduce the investment cost.

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