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Fully automatic hydraulic brick making machine


JYM - 1280 type automatic hydraulic brick making machine components using well-known brands abroad, mainly to ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of the entire production line.By ingredients, pressing, steam pressure, etc. Craft new building products made of high strength.

Brick production of raw materials:
Sand, tailing sand, fly ash, ore tailings, smelting slag, carbide slag and so on industrial waste residue.( Source of raw materials is widely and the cost is low.)

The advantage of the brick making machine
1. To design more advanced
Our brick machine is the digestion and absorption of advanced German import equipment technology, and adopts down-to-up pressure mode. On the design of the oil cylinder, a bigger improvement, increase the size of the oil cylinder, improve the whole pressure equipment.
2. Device configuration is higher
Hydraulic system including pump, proportional direction valve, proportional pressure valve, all choose Germany rexroth company; Displacement sensor to choose United States company; setting machine motor choose German servo motor; Control system adopts the Siemens S7-300 series programmable controller.
3. A diversity of products
By preloading, molding pressure, pressure maintaining three links, which can effectively eliminate gas of raw materials, finished brick increase compactness.
Mould replacement, can not only produce the tail ore standard brick, lime-sand standard bricks, blind hole brick, also can produce hollow brick road brick, square brick, a variety of specifications.

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