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Two-way hydraulic pressure brick machine


The pressure of hydraulic brick machine, a lot of time can be more brick, although its working speed is low, but its productivity is high, thus its production cost is lower than other devices.

Way according to the pressure of hydraulic brick machine hydraulic press can be divided into bidirectional hydraulic pressure brick machine and one-way pressure die casing floating hydraulic brick machine. Two-way hydraulic pressure brick machine: upper and lower punch at the same time under the action of hydraulic pressure of mud. This kind of hydraulic press produced by the high quality of products, because it has two main cylinder, a structure is more complex, the cost is higher also.



If it is on the upper punch pressed down under the action of a hydraulic pressing, called pressure type hydraulic brick machine, if it's lower punch up under the action of a hydraulic pressing, is called the downstroke hydraulic brick machine.

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