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Steamed brick machine technology and innovations


Steamed brick making machine has many advantages compere to the old brick equipment.
1.Three beam four-post type frame with three beam four-column frame prestressed bar form, institutions and firm, for strength, workbench sliding smooth up and down.
2.Hydraulic system of this new type brick making machine adopt to imported proportional valve and electronic components variable pump, system pressure and flow rate can be adjusted according to actual working condition, strong adaptability, energy saving performance is outstanding, low energy consumption, high efficiency
3.The whole brick making machine adopts German servo motor drive, stable operation, precise position, adobe can realize two-way merger, save space, improve production efficiency. Layer and dislocation or cross pattern pieces.
4.The mold using a special material by multiple machining techniques and heat treatment,the surface hardness can over national standard. And mold plate can be used again when it upside down, which improve life of the brick-making machine.

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