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Bona hydraulic brick making machine


 In recent years, along with the rapid economic development, the development and utilization of the resources are getting higher and higher. It reqires us to improve energy utilization through the development of new environmental protection equipment. And the new brick making machine made by Bona will turn the traditional harvest into new material and it can make the new energy  meet the demands of energy saving, and then make energy conservation of the building to meet industry which can let the environmental protection building material equipment to become the world's pride.

 As we all known, coal ash is coal-fired power plants from the main solid waste.Since the world's industry develop fast every year, the coal fly ash will have increased gradually.Water resources will be built by certain pollution. Experts found that coal ash can be used as concrete admixtures to help people utilize these wastes discharged by industries effectively. Hydraulic brick machines are also developed in this historical background. The comprehensive utilization of coal fly ash is from the past roadbed, fill, concrete adulterating material, soil transformation and the application of outside to the current development in cement raw material, cement mixing materials, large water conservancy hub project, pumping concrete, mass concrete products and senior packing way of high grade.

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