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cement block machine,cement brick making machine


 In the process of using cement block machine, more or less will be affected by some external, these will affect the cement block machine production efficiency, thus affecting production. 

1. The hydraulic oil to freeze
If it is found that cement block machine can not start properly, will consider the hydraulic oil has been frozen.Can use the torch baking transmission, filter and the main line, then start again, can return to normal.
2. gas circuit jam
Open the air cylinder vent switch, if no gas discharge;Then open cement block machine to gas control valve between trachea, if have education, pump can work normally.In winter, the humidity in the braking gas road in frozen ice after downtime, cause the clogging in the trachea, so will put clean water after each downtime.
3. If the cement brick making machine use diesel, also very easy to appear frozen state.As long as with low freezing point diesel, can very good solution, but also won't appear flame-out phenomenon.

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