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Brick machine to solve your construction waste


China's demolition of old buildings continuous increase, demolition construction waste appears also increasing, in order to alleviate this problem and possible savings in expenditure, government promotes recycling of construction waste, to achieve secondary use, and in this recovery suggestion , bricklaying machine role can not be ignored, presumably in a foreign country, this demolition are everywhere. Here I will introduce specific:

First, the construction waste sorting, culling and pulverization treatment, most of the construction waste are achievable secondary use, such as scrap steel, fees wire, scrap wire, scrap bricks, cement blocks and concrete, abandoned brick , cement blocks and concrete can go through jaw crusher processing, and then transported to the brickwork using a dedicated truck plant, brick machine through secondary processing, you can back into use by the relevant professional testing, and construction waste system into concrete brick, strength requirements to be higher than the national standard of 20%, the use of brick machine construction waste can be made concrete bricks, masonry wall, made of brick construction waste will be slightly lower than the price of a new brick, a significant reduction in material costs, the main direction of future development.

Brick machine construction waste recycling considerably reduced the financial expenditure because of low cost raw materials, wide range of sources, transportation costs low, brick costs low, the corresponding profit margins relatively large, the current in order to reduce urban construction waste, also strongly encourage and support the development and growth of this industry in the next few years, the city will have made outstanding contributions to the construction industry.

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