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JYM-1280 concrete brick making machine operate successfully

JYM-1280 series concrete brick making machine is the harvest of cooperation of HENAN Machinery Design &Research Co., Ltd and BONA Group.
 In 2014,JYM1280 block making machine operate successfully all over ShanDong province.
JYM1280 brick making machine adopts German Lasker technology. It has the following advantages:
1.This machine increases pressure in stages. It can allocate time and pressure scientifically in all three segments of the operation: Pre-pressing, molding pressure and pressure maintaining.
2.It has even big molding pressure that can ensure the density and intensity of adobes.
3.This machine has high level automation, short production cycle and high production efficiency.
4.It is convenient to change the mold. And it can produce hollow brick, solid brick, small block, paving brick and other heterotypic bricks.

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