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Bake-free brick moulding machine overseas market is slow


Recent years, overseas market is very slow under the influence of 2008 finance crisis. Many projects is halted because of tightening finance. So construction machine market is impacted heavily, especially bake-free brick moulding machine industry. Bona owns strong strength of development and research, which helps bona to keep confidence in extending its business scope. Its development and research bring down investors’ investment cost. Moreover, it always can create many good products to meet core requirements of customers.
How does bake-free brick moulding machine enterprise go worldwide?
1.The rapid development of science and technology transform brick machine to service-oriented system
2.Industry brand awareness will enlighten the navigation lights on brick  machine.
3.Bake-free brick moulding machine with 100 percent security index and high efficiency can realize double results with half efforts


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