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JYM1280 block forming machine brief description


1).JYM 1280 block forming machine productivity is larger than the other small brick machines;

2).Renovate the former one-time-vibration into twice-vibration of molding core;

3).The block density becomes higher, shaping speed is quicker and block strength becomes more even;

4).Reasonable design achieves box vibration, hydraulic stripping, unidirectional automatically movement.

NO. Features of JYM 1280 block forming machine

Adopting Germany Lasker technology instead of domestic traditional technology.

2 Environment protection
3 Fully automation and semi-automation
4 ISO certificate
5 Industry and trade integration
Former block making machine consumes coal and damages land. So it is with heavy pollution and high energy consumption. Bona block making machine is changing the history. Bona JYM 1280 block forming machine uses industrial solid waste materials to produce blocks meeting clients’ requirements for building, coating and paving. Its high quality and good performance promotes Bona engineers’ continuous technology innovation. Technology innovation brings down the investment cost of block enterprise. JYM 1280 block making machine is really profitable business.

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