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Baking-free brick machine investment is booming in China


Baking-free brick machine, be capable of producing the products divided into baking-free brick, hollow brick, standard brick or block is widely used in new type wall buildings. Baking-free brick features cannot be achieved by any other wall bricks in that baking-free brick uses reasonable scientific formula and join into coagulate agent and trace chemical additive according to certain proportion. As a result, the degree of granularity, moisture mixed with reasonable reinforcement processing equipment technology bring the best plastic state after the high pressure molding and rapid hardening make brick.The longer, the better the results will be. 

Compared with the traditional red brick, baking-free brick has many advantages as follows:
1. The recycling, saving soil, energy saving
2. The source of raw materials is extremely broad
3. To protect environment—environmental friendly
4. High strength weathering resistance, corrosion resistance and freeze resistance is not afraid of water

Baking-free brick without natural maintenance will greatly improve the work efficiency and increase our output so as to raise our profit, which makes baking-free brick machine more prevailing in different building site.


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