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Hydraulic cement block machinery ---block mainstream model


Hydraulic cement block machinery, which uses hydraulic power to press brick, is a large block mainstream model. Cement block machinery worked by mechanical vibration. The less-weight, baking-free and low-noise cement block machinery will be mainstream model in future cement block machinery industry.

The characteristics of hydraulic cement block machinery:
1. High frequency and low amplitude of the strong work vibration, frequency adjustable, ensure all kinds of shapes and sizes of aerated concrete production achieved forming stable effect.
2. high productivity of cement blocks and hydraulic pressing power contributes to the high efficiency

3.The machine adopts PLC control system, convenient equipment repair. Hydraulic, electrical system used by the large number of imported components, reliable operation, low cost of repair.
5.The entire concrete block machinery line is adopted high strength steel with a special automatic welding process so that high rigidity, good stability can be realized to improve the life of cement concrete block machinery.

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