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Fully automatic setting machine


Automatic setting machine, it is by the frame part, walking frame, promotion, setting clamp, pneumatic system and PLC automatic control system, etc.
Automatic setting machine working process:
When the cutter cut adobe pushing the points after the billet board, points out billet cylinder, driving points billet board open adobe for joint action, adobe seam points after the completion of the lift cylinder. When to book clip blank space of the clamp, the clamp fixture, pick up the bricks, and then open the chuck by lifting cylinder to scheduled height, air duct between points out open cylinder bricks, walking device driver setting machine walking to the kiln car, complete the turn 90 ° rotating device, and then drive down to reserve put down cylinder billet height, chuck clamp open the adobe pieces in kiln car, setting machine a layer pattern, and rotate a layer, forming a cross, through the above action cycle, can complete the whole process of setting of kiln car. Setting machine these functions are marching through the PLC frequency conversion by electric centralized control, realize the automation of setting machine.
Automatic setting machine application:
Setting machine and hydraulic pressure brick machine control together. Setting machine adopts the most advanced servo motor, high precision, accurate positioning, in the operation of the work smoothly, automatic lubrication part, timing. Setting machine has automatic billet, billet, billet function. With the support of computer, the code into the pipe from the car adobe can be put each layer of dislocation, each floor tile is highly controlled by the encoder signals to a computer system, to overcome the defects such as other measuring device is susceptible to interference. By changing the fixture, gripper can clip standard bricks, hollow bricks, hollow blocks and road brick, etc. All kinds of products of different size. Light to catch, accurate, smooth, make adobe yield is greatly increased.

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