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How Does a Concrete Brick Making Machine Work?


Brick making machine is a new type hydraulic and autoclaved brick making plant we newly push which adopt international advanced brick making technology, under domestic brick making operate level and specific condition of different materials.
A concrete brick or block is made of concrete that’s been molded into the correct shape, then allowed to harden and cure.
Concrete brick making machine consists of a steel framework that holds the other components in place. There’s a chute or hopper for pouring the wet cement, a frame that holds the metal concrete-block molds, a tamper for compacting the concrete in the molds and a mechanism for transferring the molded blocks out of the machine for drying and curing.
Thebrick making machine  is set up with the molds appropriate to the blocks or bricks to be made. Manual machines typically mold two or four bricks or blocks at a time, while electric, pneumatic or hydraulic block machines make eight to 16 bricks or blocks at a time, depending on brick or block type.

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