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What is the common problem of autoclaved fly ash block machine?


The common problem ofautoclaved fly ash block machine autoclaved is that fly ash block is easier to crack.
Autoclaved fly ash block machine is the root to cement, lime and fly ash as raw materials through the ground, mixing casting, gas expansion, autoclaved fly ash block process of porous concrete, is generally accepted that the new environmental protection building materials, masonry wall can use it to reduce the weight of the building, reduce the production cost, but it is easier to crack. The cracks on the wall affects the whole appearance of the room, and, more importantly ,when the rainy weather will seepage, leading to a substantial increase wall moisture content, thus greatly reduces the wall insulation function.
Therefore, solving the problem of cracking is the application problem of autoclaved fly ash block aerated concrete block, autoclaved brick of frost resistance, corrosion resistance, compressive strength and so many performance is better than solid clay brick. So autoclaved brick can directly instead of solid clay brick.

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