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The advantages of cement brick machine


Cement brick machine is new environmental protection and energy saving building materials.
Cement brick machine is the use of slag, slag, fly ash, stone, sand, gravel, cement and other raw materials, scientific formula, add water and stir, to suppress water mud brick by brick machine hypertension, hollow blocks or colored pavers machinery and equipment. Cement brick machine is unburned brick machine, that produced cement brick or hollow block, does not require sintering, the factory through a short period of drying. It can be said that less investment and quick, many investors hot industry.
Cement brick machine also uses a high-tech of the German company Siemens, imports of high-precision components and hydraulic parts, the domestic similar presses in the higher grade of brick-making machine, its fast, high-output, full-function, can produce multi-species, multi-standard hollow bricks, solid bricks, blind hole bricks, square brick, road pavement bricks and other new environmental protection and energy saving building materials.
Because cement block to protect our precious land resources, but also to achieve the reuse of resources, such as we all waste slag, construction waste, brick machine equipment can be transformed into unburned brick, which resource recycling, which is why the state has adopted relevant policies vigorously support the development ofcement brick market reasons.

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