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The advantage of automatic hydraulic brick machine compared to ordinary hydraulic machine


Automatic hydraulic brick machine is not only the quantity, but also the quality is higher than ordinary hydraulic machine.
1.Automatic hydraulic brick machine breaks the tradition press way ,from up to down , instead from down to up, so as to protect the mold and prevent damage.
2.Automatic hydraulic brick machine is good at venting, can product hollow bricks continuously for a long time.
3.The control method of automatic hydraulic brick machine adopts displacement sensor. This way is not affected by environmental pollution, and can accurately guarantee brick size. This machine is also equipped with integrity pressure sensor, which can accurately measure the strength of the brick.
4.Automatic hydraulic brick machine adopts high technology, high precision imported components and hydraulic parts which are produced by Germany's Siemens. For its high quality ,high efficiency and good function, it can make different specification bricks, such as solid bricks, hollow bricks, paving bricks etc.
5.Automatic hydraulic brick machine is of low noise and can save energy obviously.
6.With high automation, it can check bad product and return it to warehouse, than reprocessing. In this way, the quality of all bricks can reach requirements.

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