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How to make fly ash brick?


Fly ash is a new ideal and friendly energy. The production of fly ash brick is of high efficiency and low labor intensity. Fly ash brick is lightweight and can improve construction function, reducing construction cost.
Autoclaved fly ash brick produce line:
raw material treatment→mixing→stirring→digestion→rolling→forming by pressure→autoclaved curing→product inspection→finished product heaping etc.
Fly ash brick manufacturing process:
1.Raw material treatment system.
Lime block→hopper→coarse crushing→fine powder→storage.
2.mixing system:
fly ash: aggregate: lime: gypsum=70:18:10:2,mixing and stirring by mixer agitates.
3.Aging and digestion process: aging and digestion time:2 hours.
4.Re-mixed process: re-mixed through wheel mill after aging.

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