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What is technical characteristics of electric control cabinet?


Electric control cabinet offer closed-loop control for the whole production process.
Electric control cabinet technical characteristics:
1. Air sealing constant temperature device avoid the control system operation troubles leaded by because of polluted and fever phenomenon.
2. Electric control cabinet components adopts Siemens S7-300 PLC operating system. Greatly improve the security, stability and reliability of the unit.
3. Full digital pressure and displacement sensor easily realize closed loop control of the whole production process, including check brick molding dimension, pressure and density online in real time and adjust the corresponding parameters of pressure, packing depth and pressing speed smartly.
4. Operating system offers a highly intelligent man-machine dialogue interface, different dialogue modes to different situations optional.
5. Electric system offers multi-touch I/O mode,keeping brick making machine signals output to central control room.
6. Brick making machine self-control system directly controls mid hopper without unnecessary links.

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